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Innovative single cell culture

Single cell isolation and culture slide

CellGem is a simple and smart single cell isolation and culture platform. It utilizes microfludic technology which enables precise cell manipulation at high-throughput and small reagent consumption.

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CellGem can be used for

Stable cell line development

- Monoclonal antibody production

- Gene transfection/editing

Cell heterogeneity studies

- Cancer stem cells

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The CellGem platform comprises of an array of microwells for capturing single cells, coupled with a corresponding array of culture wells for long-term culture of the single cells. 


Validated cell line

                                                                CHO-K1                    AA8

                                                                293T                          U2OS

                                                                NIH3T3                     A549

                                                                Hybridoma               MCF7

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  • High single cell efficiency

  • High cell viability

  • Reduce sample consumption

  • Easy operation (only a standard pipette needed)

  • Easy observation



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