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OriGem biotech is a startup company founded by several co-founders from various fields, including precision fabrication, biology, and semiconductor in 2016 in Taiwan. Our destination is developing products that help scientists, biologists, and medical researchers to do their jobs more easily and efficiently.

OriGem dedicates to develop the technologies and applications of microfluidics.

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Innovative single cell culture

Single cell isolation and culture slide

CellGem is a simple and smart single cell isolation and culture platform. It utilizes microfluidic technology which enables precise cell manipulation at high-throughput and small reagent consumption.

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CellGem can be used for

Stable cell line development

- Monoclonal antibody production

- Gene transfection/editing

Cell heterogeneity studies

- Cancer stem cells

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The CellGem platform comprises of an array of microwells for capturing single cells, coupled with a corresponding array of culture wells for long-term culture of the single cells. 


Validated cell line

                                                                CHO-K1                    AA8

                                                                293T                          U2OS

                                                                NIH3T3                     A549

                                                                Hybridoma               MCF7

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  • High single cell efficiency

  • High cell viability

  • Reduce sample consumption

  • Easy operation (only a standard pipette needed)

  • Easy observation


An effective way to culture spheroid cells

CellChip is a hanging drop chip-based microfluidic technology for high-throughput and uniform production of 3D cell spheroids.


CellChip can be used for

- Drug Testing

- Organoid 3D Culture

- Therapeutics of tissue regeneration



CellChip uses the hydraulic difference to form hanging drops. Due to the gravity effect, the cells will concentrate at the bottom of the drop and begin to form spheroid.


3D spheroids formation on chip

Spheres remain during exchanging medium

Cardiac organoid on HD chip


Features & Benefits

- High throughput: 256 wells on a chip

- Easy medium exchange: Only one pipet is needed

- High-resolution observation

- Better ability to generate uniform spheroids

- Less consuming of medium



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